Cultivating Kampot Pepper

The main step in cultivating the kampot pepper are the following :

Preparation of the land




Preparation of the land : Kampot pepper is planted on an elevated plot of land in order to allow better rainwater drainage. Soil conditions and irrigation are more difficult , as plantations are located on the hill rock or base of a mountain , and set up on rocky or sandy soil . This consists of clearing the land primary tillage manually or by using an excavator and bulldozer, then plugging the soil and digging the canal .




Installation of poles :




Use high quality wooden poles as support for pepper to grow , which are about 4m high and 12-15cm in diameter and cost 6.75$-7.75$ per poles . The poles require a hole of 50-60cm in depth The space between poles ranges from at least 1.8m to 2m Kampot pepper typically have around 2,500 poles/ha (require 125 poles in addition ) so needed 2,625 poles/ha . The total cost for installing wooden poles are between 17,718.75$ to 20,343.75$ US dollars/ha .