The region of Kep and Kampot has these
specific attributes that make the pepper grown there unique.
Well suited soil types Quality products

History Kampot Pepper

Cambodia has a tradition of more than 700 year and a natural comparative advantage in pepper cultivation . Black pepper is a climbing vine , and its fruit is usually dried and used as a spice and seasoning. It been used since antiquity for its flavor and as a medicine, and is the world's most traded spice . Cambodia an excellent climate and soul conditions for pepper , and pepper production was mentioned as early as the 13th century . Especially during the French colonial times so called  "Kampot Pepper " developed a reputation for its special taste .
Intensive production started in the early 20th , and at its height , production and exports of pepper may have been up to 8,000 tons per year . However , practically  the entire pepper production in Cambodia came to end during the period of the Khmer Rouge .
Pepper production was only gradually re-established after the 1990s .

Kampot and Kep province are home of the famous "Kampot pepper " that received geographical indications status in 2010. Pepper is considered a "top ten product " in both province . There seem to be some 186 families (2014) that are growing pepper around  Kampot , producing only about 21 tons a year . A geographical indication (GI) designates and  protects a product coming from a specific geographical area and which particular  quality, reputation or other characteristics can be linked directly to this geographical origin .
Ministry of Commerce and Ministry  of Agriculture, have a Pilot Project for Geographical Indication Protection in Cambodia . Kampot pepper is one of the products that will be protected by GI law.

  • In Kampot province , the five districts that produce pepper with GI status are Kampong Trac, Dang Tong , Toeuk Chhou , Chouk and Kampot city.
  • In Kep province, the two districts are Damnak Chang Aeur , which used to be part of Kampot province  and Kep city .
  • To be eligible for the production of "Kampot pepper " the plot of land deos not only have to be located in the above mentioned areas, but also have to fulfill specific conditions related to its soil and location .
  • To be entitled to produce and market "kampot pepper " the operators have to register at the Kampot pepper Promotion Association (KPPA) , which has 139 members (2012)KPPA mainly exports to Europe , Australia , the United States, Japan, Russian Federation , Singapore.

In Kampot , pepper has been managed by Kampot pepper Promotion Association . The Association KPPA has been established in July 2007 and was officially registered by Ministry of Interior on December 12 ,2008 . Currently the association has more than 150 members.